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Indian Achievers’ Award 2022
- Most Promising Start Up

That is the story of Cab-E, a venture conceptualized in May 2019 and started in December 2019 – by three like-minded friends Kuldip Ghosh (ICFAI & IBS Alumnus), Indraneel Chakravarty (BU & Symbiosis Alumnus), and Nitin Sharma (IIT Delhi & JBIMS Alumnus) who, have excelled in their respective fields in different Corporates and each come with 22+ years of experience.

The Business Fame - Top 10 Trailblazing Companies Of 2022

Cab eez INFRA TECH PVT. LTD: Providing Renewable Energy and Efficiency for Sustainable Urban Mobility - Cab eez INFRA TECH PVT.LTD. (Brand Cab-E) is a Green Tech Marketplace for Urban Electric Mobility and is now Mumbai’s largest B2C operator in the EV Mobility space. Cab-E, founded in 2019, strives to align with the government’s vision of 100 % electric mobility by 2030; therefore, their services include an all-EV fleet for city and inter-city commuting.

Startup Story - Recognition for Social Initiative

Mumbai-based Cab-E Cars aims to mitigate the hefty sum the environment pays every time someone books a fossil-fuel run vehicle to commute. Founded in December 2019 by Kuldip Ghosh, Indraneel Chakravarty, and Nitin Sharma, Cab-E is a ride-sharing startup based on the idea of urban mobility through electric vehicles (EVs).!

CEO Insights - Company of the Year 2021

CAB-EEZ INFRA TECH ("Cab-E") is a Technology Marketplace providing a platform (built inhouse) which supports a mobile based online service for 100% Electric Urban Mobility. Moreover by introducing 100% Electric Urban Mobility we will be significantly contributing to the Indian government's push for 100% electric mobility by 2030.

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