About Merodarjeeling!

Merodarjeeling is a social enterprise, that is supporting small farmers by adding value to their agro produce.

The brand Prakritiko translates to 'from the nature'. The ingredients are handpicked, locally sourced from trusted small farmers, grown chemically free in small batches. They are made without any artificial preservative and are 100% natural. These jars are full of healthy, delicious and homemade goodness, all Newari recipes passed from one generation to the next.

Co Founder Piyush Pradhan and her daughter Prakriti have started this small homegrown business, officially in 2020 after having tried and tested home recipes for years.

A wife, mother and a grandmother who comes from humble Newari family always had a passion to curate flavors inspired by natural and locally grown traditional ingredients. She explored the wonderful artisan of pickling. Today her passion has been converted to a vision to enhance and tantalize taste bud by sharing her traditional creations which essentially curates to enhance healthy and holistic living.

Her daughter and Co Founder Prakriti Pradhan, is an acclaimed marathon enthusiast and mountaineer. She has been associated with the hospitality industry for the last fourteen years and is very passionate about promoting the spices and flavours indigenous to Darjeeling.

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Our Pickle Offerings

Gundruk ko Achar (Fermented Greens Pickle )

Fermented greens of mustard,rye and radish leaves are cooked with dry Himalayan garlic leaves, crushed garlic and chilli flakes. It is further blended with white sesame seed and seasoning. This indigenous fermented food is rich in probiotic bacteria, thus increasing the health of the gut , digestive and enhancing the immune system. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B12 and lactic acid.

₹ 200 Wt:150gm

Bhatmas ko Achar ( Unfermented Soya bean Pickle)

Crispy fried soybean with small pieces of soya chunk is mixed with chilli flakes, seasamae seed, fried garlic and seasoning. This crunchy protein filled snack is delicious and scrumptious as it bursts in the mouth.

₹ 200 Wt:250gm

Dhulo Achar (Ground Seed Pickle)

This unfermented pickle is made of roasted flax seed, sesame seed,perilla seed, niger seed, peanut and soya bean are ground and blended with Himalayan aromatic herbs. This super food achar can also be used as a dressing for Nepali style salad with just addition of oil,lemon juice or seasoning as per your taste.

₹ 150 Wt:150gm

Timur Ko Achar (Schewan Pepper Pickle)

Aromatic organic Himalayan Schewan pepper is blended with red chilli flakes, ground soya bean, oil and exotic Himalayan herbs and left on the sun for fermentation.This burst of flavors in gravy consistency is best suited to add on to your meal, snack or as a dip. Timur has endless benefits being rich in iron, zinc, copper, phosphorous and Manganese. It is rich in anti oxidant.It helps to eliminate pain, increase immunity and appetite by stimulating the digestive and the circulatory system.

₹ 150 Wt:200gm

Dalle ko Achar ( Dalle Pickle )

Freshly ground dalles are cooked in cold pressed mustard oil and garlic to bring out the potency. Apple cider vinegar and seasoning is added to bring out an outstanding colour taste and flavour . An ideal accompaniment for any snack and meal to add on the hotness.If you cant take in the hotness a few drops is enough to add a new depth of flavour to your food.

₹ 250 Wt:300gm

Dalle Dip

Dalle one of the hottest chillies in the world is sourced from trusted small farmers chemically free grown in small batches. Cleaned with natural cleaners, dalles are sun dried, mixed with local spices and cold pressed mustard oil and fermented in the sun for two months.

₹ 200 Wt:200gm

Kinema Dalle ko Achar (Fermented Soyabean Pickle)

Locally grown black soya bean is fermented for a week. It is then cooked with local herbs and mixed with dalle. Further aging in the sun for a month enhances the probiotic content. This indigenous fermented super food is filled with probiotic bacteria increasing the gut health,digestive and immune system.It is also rich in iron, calcium, protein,vitamin C and fiber; no wonder it's eaten in most far Asian countries in various forms.

₹ 150 Wt:200gm

Tama Dalle Ko Achar (Bamboo Shoot Dalle Pickle))

Radish and dalle from the hilly terrain of Darjeeling is mixed with local spices in cold pressed mustard oil.It is then fermented in the sun for a month The juices of dalle blend with radish to give a sharp taste. Chock full of vitamin A,C,E,B6, potassium and other minerals, and gives the whole body an immunity boost.

₹ 200 Wt:300gm

Mula Dalle ko Achar

Bamboo shoot collected by local villagers of Pussimbing Tea Estate from the wild are mixed with dalles, local spices and cold pressed mustard oil. Fermentation and aging for a month gives a remarkable flavour and taste This indegenous pickle is filled with vitamin A, E, B6 thiamine, riboflavin, calcium,magnesium,potassium, phosphorus,copper,zi

₹ 180 Wt:300gm

Chicken ko Achar ( Chicken Pickle)

It is an exotic tasty mixture of varied spices with cubes of boneless chicken. Chicken pieces are marinated in ginger garlic paste and stir fried in cold pressed mustard oil with whole spices. The tender melting chicken cubes is in a garlicky medium hotness flavor..

₹ 300 Wt:300gm

Buff ko Achar ( Buff Pickle)

Organic tender pieces of buffalo meat is marinated and fried in cold pressed mustard oil. It is then pickled in the best of freshly Himalayan spices , seasoned and left in the sun for a week for fermentation.

₹ 300 Wt:300gm

Jhingay Macha ko Achar ( Shrimp Pickle)

Crispy fried shrimps are blended with local spices and garlic to make a delicious snack, garnish or an accompaniment of a main course

₹ 300 Wt:300gm

Sukuti Macha ko Achar ( Bombay Duck Pickle)

Bombay duck is marinated in spices, and fried in oil and finely chopped garlic.Great accompaniment to eat with rice or solely as an amazing snack.

₹ 300 Wt:300gm

Titiri ko Achar ( Tamarind Sweet and Sour Pickle )

Tamarind pulp cooked in cold pressed mustard oil with jaggery, sugar,exotic himalayan spices and garam masala. Everyone would fall in love with this sweet crush, an amalagation of taste yet distinctive.

₹ 200 Wt:400gm

Jalpai ko Achar ( Indian Olive Pickle)

Picked from the backyard of small farmers from the foothills of Darjeeling. The pickle is made by slow cooking in cold pressed mustard oil, with local spices, jaggery, sugar and different salts. It is a burst of sweet and tangy flavours with a hint of spice and salt

₹ 180 Wt:300gm
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